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As I was preparing for our new school adventure, I discovered that I needed a few items to make my life a little easier.  Because I wanted the items to fit Aladdin’s needs and line up with the Preparatory curriculum, I made a few documents I thought I would share with my readers.

The first item we needed was a letter book.  We are focusing on the uppercase letters, so I made him a letter book by printing out my document and binding it with my comb binder.  Awhile ago, I purchased a set of Alphabet Picture Stickers.  We will be putting them in our book as we go along.  Access the letter book here:  Letter book.

The second item we needed was a number book.  I created the book the same way as I did the letter book.  I just purchased a few dinosaur and car/truck stickers for him to use with his number book.  Access the number book here:  Number Book.

We learn a new nursery rhyme every week so I made some nursery rhyme cards to hang up.  These nursery rhymes roughly correlate with the rhymes covered in the Preparatory curriculum.  I believe I exchanged 8 of the 26 rhymes with ones that we are more familiar with.  I printed these out and laminated them.  I made two copies – one to hang on the fridge as a reminder to me to go over them and one for Aladdin to hold on to.  Access the nursery rhyme cards here:  Nursery Rhymes.

I broke out the felt board to use during our learning time, as well.  I needed felt shapes, letters, and numbers.  For the letters and numbers, I printed an extra copy of the letter/number book and used those as a template.  I cut them out, traced them onto felt, and then cut out the felt.  For the shapes, I made a pdf template and did the same thing.  Access the felt shape template here:  Felt Shape Template.

I hope you can find a use for these items!  They are all free and will be posted on my Printables page.



  1. Really cute! Very smart to already have the whole 26 weeks done! I have to put everything together each week and it’s so time consuming.

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