Aladdin Starts School – Age 2

Today is a big day for my little man!  He started “school!”  Now, I know he is only two, so school for him does not consist of much;)  However, he was ready to start school, and I have been working hard trying to figure out what to do with him.  Every time I say “It is time for school,” my little guy dashes off into the bathroom, grabs the little step stool, rushes out to the table, and sits down.  He then will look at me with his big puppy dog eyes until I give him something to do.  If I don’t have anything, he will proceed to cry until I find something to do for him.  For awhile he was content to color on a blank piece of paper (or eat the crayons…), but lately, he has not been content with just that.  I am not sure how much he will actually learn, but one thing I have learned is that children are little sponges and soak up way more than I thought they could.

Waiting patiently...

Waiting patiently…

Because he is only two, I did not want to spend a large amount of money on him.  When Jasmine was 2, she attended preschool full-time while I was finishing my college education, so I did not do much with her until age 3.  I was drooling over one curriculum company’s two-year-old curriculum, but it would have cost me over $300 for everything.  That is A LOT in my opinion for a two-year-old, so I am piecing together materials from free sites I have found and materials I already own.  This post will share what resources I will use.  Each week, I will try to post what we plan on doing.

What happens when there is no school for Aladdin...

What happens when there is no school for Aladdin…


My main resource is the Preparatory Curriculum from  This site features free pre-K through K curriculum.  It even has resources for babies and toddlers.  Katrina provides suggestions for songs, books, rhymes, etc., for parents to focus on.  I will adjust her ideas to make it work with Aladdin.

I will also pull ideas from Flowering Baby – 2 Year Old curriculum.  It is very similar to the Preparatory curriculum in that it provides book and music selections.  I do like the hands-on ideas and activities it suggests.  Flowering Baby is not free, but I do think it is reasonably priced.  It does not include worksheets or coloring pages, both of which I will need to keep Aladdin happy.

I also have a few resources on hand that will make us both happy.

  • Preschool Art by MaryAnn Kohl – we love all of her books, and this one focuses on preschoolers.  I am not artsy or creative, although I do enjoy being artsy and creative, so I need all of the help I can get.
  • Mudworks by MaryAnn Kohl – same applies from above.  He is also a boy and LOVES being messy, so I think he will enjoy the projects from this book.
  • Hidden in my Heart music (all 3 volumes) – these songs are actually lullabies, but we love listening to them at any time of day.  They are a great way to help memorize Bible verses.
  • Songs for Saplings ABC and 123 – these Bible-based songs are adorable.  I will probably match our memory verses to them.
  • 102 Children’s Songs, Volume 1 – a pleasant mix of popular kid’s songs.
  • Masters of Classical Music – a ton of classical music from numerous popular names.
  • Wee Sing Bible Songs
  • A Bailar! Let’s Dance! Spanish Learning Songs for Kids – these spanish songs were favorites of Jasmine’s, and Aladdin seems to love them, too!
  • Various read-alouds (I will post which ones we are reading each week).
  • Kumon Let’s Color workbook – a very simple workbook working through some basic stages of learning how to color.
  • Printable Letter and Number books – I will make these PDF files available to you at no charge.  I simply made books for him to add stickers to as we learn about a number or letter.  The numbers correlate with the 26 letters they learn in Preparatory, and the letters are uppercase letters.  As time allows, I will add different books to fit the other years.

We started today, so look for my upcoming post about our Week 1 resources:)


  1. Hi! That is the same curriculum I use for Greyson so I’ll bring my folder of stuff we’ve done so far for ideas for your little guy. I haven’t followed it strictly – so for example, when it’s a holiday, I make all the stuff around that holiday and make the letter be the first letter of the holiday and the color to be whatever the holiday color is. But the format of letter of the week just helps keep me on track, so I like that. We are way off course with all the holidays so definitely getting back on track :) see you next week :)

    • mtolympusacademy says:

      Sounds great!! I also have a ton of stuff (including a million books), so if you ever need anything ask before you go buy it:)

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